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Our Services

At Creative Talkers we offer speech, language and literacy based therapy; with an emphasis on treating patients in early intervention, apraxia, speech sounds disorders, language and literacy. We provide individual treatment sessions that are engaging and fun while targeting our patients areas of growth to maintain motivation and achieve patient centered goals. We provided services in-office and at our contract school sites.  


Our complimentary initial consultation is completed over the phone; lasting 15 minutes or less. They are designed to gather general information about the prospective patient, answer development questions and/or determine next steps. 


Creative Talkers provides comprehensive evaluations that are used to get an understanding of the patients speech and language development and therapeutic needs. Our evaluations consist of formal and informal measures, articulation and language observations and parent or patient interviews. Evaluation results are used to determine therapy recommendations and referrals to other professionals when deemed necessary.

An evaluation by Creative Talkers, LLC or another company within the past year is required to start services; Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) from school programs are also accepted. 

The first step in our evaluation process is the completion of online intake forms prior to the evaluation appointment. 


Creative Talkers provides individual speech, language and literacy therapy. We offer 30, 45 and 60 minutes sessions. Session length is determined following the evaluation and is dependent on the age and needs of the patient. Therapy sessions are scheduled following review of evaluation. 

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